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Welcome to the Mount View Primary School official website. We trust that the information displayed will provide you with a great overview of our wonderful school and we encourage you to make contact with us to learn more about what our school has to offer.

Glenn Butler

School Context

Mount View Primary School, established in 1965, is situated in the suburb of Glen Waverley. The 2020 enrolment is currently 1074 students. This figure includes 38 students enrolled in the school’s Deaf Facility.

The school is proud of the diverse cultural representation which reflects the characteristics of the local community. A school neighbourhood boundary was introduced in 2011, and the school population consists of students living locally. Students are grouped into forty-five single year level classes across the school.

School facilities feature a diverse range of classroom arrangements, including two original Light Timber Construction blocks (1965), a Visual Arts complex (c1975), a full-size stadium (2003), a Performing Arts Centre (c2005), Senior Learning Centre (2012) and a range of contemporary portable classrooms.

Outdoor facilities include three fully equipped playgrounds, a fully sheltered outdoor basketball court, a large synthetic sports field and a school owned, shared use, community oval surrounded by engaging equipment.

The 2020 staffing profile consists of:

  • A Principal
  • 2 Assistant Principals
  • 4 Leading Teachers
  • 5 Learning Specialist teachers
  • 49 Classroom teachers
  • 11 Teachers of the Deaf
  • 3 Teachers of English as an Additional Language
  • 3 Mandarin teachers
  • 5 English Literacy Support teachers
  • 2 Performing Arts teachers
  • 3 Physical Education teachers
  • 2 Visual Arts teachers
  • 14 Education Support staff
  • A Social Worker
  • A Nurse
  • 4 Office staff
  • 2 Technical Support staff
  • 2 Grounds & Facilities staff

The school is an accredited as an International Baccalaureate World School implementing the Primary Years Programme and continues to develop an international perspective in education. The school’s curriculum framework incorporated the eight learning areas aligned with the Victorian Curriculum. In addition, a range of extra curriculum and other opportunities was provided to students. These include learning programs in specialist learning experiences in Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Languages (Mandarin).

Our Vision:

People who are motivated, compassionate, life-long learners helping to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.




Our Mission:

 Mount View Primary School provides challenging and engaging programmes which promote inquiry and reflection to develop internationally minded citizens.




The flag reminds us that Australia is a wonderful country.

We promise to do our part to make it a just, lawful and peaceful homeland for all who live here.

Deaf Facility Program

Supporting Hearing Impaired Students at Mount View Primary School

Mount View Primary School is recognised for its high academic standards and for its willingness to support students with special needs in a culturally diverse environment. The school actively fosters attitudes of acceptance, respect, co-operation and care for each other. This includes providing specialised aural/oral support for students who have a hearing impairment.

Mount View’s classroom teachers work closely and collaboratively with teachers of the deaf to provide safe, encouraging, inclusive classroom environments for students with a hearing impairment.

Mount View’s program for students with a hearing impairment was established in 1994 with one major objective: to enable our students to successfully integrate into a regular school by developing their spoken language skills to as high a level as possible, believing that this is the key to their future academic and social success.

The students with a hearing impairment, from Prep to Year 6, spend the majority of every school day learning with their hearing peers in classrooms. In addition, they receive individualised educational programs from specialist teachers of the deaf and speech pathologist, working together to enhance their listening, speech, language and social skills.

Butterfly Group

Find out more about our Self Advocacy Program at Mount View Primary – coming soon!

Plans, Reports & Policies

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MVPS Strategic Plan: 2018-2021

MVPS Annual Implementation Plan:  2019

2019 Annual Report To the School Comunity

2018 Annual Report to the School Community

Child Safe Policy : 2018/19

MVPS Uniform Policy : 2019

SunSmart Policy 2017 – 2020

Head Lice Policy 2017 2020

MVPS ESmart Policy : 2019

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