Student Leadership Program

Students during breakMount View are very proud of our Student Leadership Program.
We have a group of 30 student leaders at MVPS in roles from School Captains and House Captains to a range of specialty captains.

These students have been elected to their positions for displaying excellent leadership qualities and demonstrating the values of our school throughout their primary years. While each student leader performs a unique role within the school, they all collaborate weekly to take action on issues that affect us locally, nationally and globally.

Student Change Projects

Past projects of students leadership have included supporting children living in poverty in Uganda through the Amari Community Development Organisation, Koky Saly’s BeeKeeper Parade project of upcycling textile waste, and last year’s huge effort to raise funds for the Monash Children’s Hospital. This project saw our student leaders tour the hospital and be inspired to take action by raising funds for new superhero hospital gowns, placing smiles back on many sick children’s faces.

This year our leaders will continue using their voices and taking actions to help improve the lives of others by working towards new local, national and global positive change projects. So far this year, our meetings have been buzzing with enthusiasm, and we’re excited to see the legacy these exceptional leaders will leave behind.

Mount View Green Team

The Green Team is a student driven program implementing Green Initiatives and events at school and in the wider community.

Students from Years 4-6 are peer elected each year to join the team. They are presented with a Green team badge and allocated a buddy class. Each fortnight they attend a Green Team meeting with the elected Green Team Captains from Year 6 who facilitate the program with teacher support. A student initiative introduced in 2018 included Rubbish Patrol where students are encouraged to
collect buckets and tongs and collect rubbish in the school yard.

Past Events include, introducing Eco bins for our reuse and recycling waste, promoting and starting class composting, Smoothie Stall with BYO Cup, Prep Action Day celebrating World Environment Day, Tree Planting and Gardening Club, JSC Market stalls with recycled craft items for sale and a Green Team student run Carnival Stall selling Beeswax Wraps promoting Nude Food. We also collect Walk to School data and have attended and presented at a CERES lead Student Leadership Day.

Junior School Council – J.S.C

 Junior School Council (JSC) is run by a student rep from each class in Years 4 -6 to coordinate and run events to raise funds for much needed charities and organisations. Student reps meeting every every fortnight to discuss and plan upcoming events including selling merchandise for ANZAC Day, Legacy Week and Remembrance Day.

>During 2nd Semester, a Market Day is put together by students who sell their products and donate the money they raise to a number of chosen charities. The students who represent their class on JSC are nominated by their class for their role and actively pass on information to both their class and a buddy class in the junior years of the school.

Duke of Edinburgh Compass Award

The Compass Award is designed to extend selected Year 6 students to enhance their personal development in their final year of primary school. It is a program of discovery for young people which fosters positive attitudes towards learning and creates an environment for engagement and interaction with their community.

Our students select and set their own personal goals and work with teachers to achieve these whether it be cooking, coaching sports teams, sewing, running school events, or working with different groups in the community.

Our group exploration is a highlight of our year where students plan, prepare and love the challenge of an overnight hike, cooking on a trangia, sleeping in tents and hiking with all their equipment and supplies. Our students develop life long friendships and skills through this unique program.

 For more information on the Duke of Edinburgh Compass award feel free to visit

Prep & Year 5 ‘Buddies’ program

Each year the Year 5’s and Preps are very excited to meet their new buddies. In Term 1 the Preps and Year 5’s engage in a range of ‘getting to know you’ activities and games. One of the activities completed was creating a Venn diagram outlining their shared interests, similarities and differences. Both Preps and Year 5’s are thrilled to have a buddy that they can play with.

The students are looking forward to strengthening their friendships next term.

Mount View Camps Program – coming soon!