M.V.P.S Deaf Facility: Supporting Hearing Impaired Student

Facility Program Overview:

  • All students have their hearing aids, speech processors and FM units checked every morning before school begins.
  • Students work in class for most of each school day, surrounded by the normal spoken language of their hearing peers. They leave class to attend special support sessions, designed to address their individual educational and social/emotional needs and complement their regular classroom programs.
  • Individual programs are developed as a result of a series of formal and informal assessments and through regular liaison with parents and classroom teachers. Every program contains termly goals, which are used to measure each student’s progress. Programs are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that progress is being made.
  • Classroom teachers and teachers of the deaf have high expectations for our students which they demonstrate with constant encouragement to succeed.
  • Parental involvement and support are highly valued and actively encouraged. Our Parent Group organises a number of social events and presentations every year.
  • A measure of the spirit of our program is shown by the willingness of past students to return to the school to share their experiences with younger students.
  • We work closely with Melbourne University, the Cochlear Implant Clinic and Australian Hearing to implement best practice in deaf education through active participation in clinical research, and educational/technological initiatives.
  • Additional services are provided by a speech pathologist and clinicians from Australian Hearing and the Cochlear Implant Clinic.

Deaf Facility Program 2019

Please contact the school at any time if you have any queries or need any assistance.

Sara Kenfield – Facility Coordinator