Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Physical Education

Visual Arts

At Mount Primary School, children have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of skills, techniques and art based processes. Children paint, draw, construct, model, print, weave, sew, observe, reflect and write about the world looking through the lens of the visual arts. Connections to concepts will be openly discussed with children to bring a holistic approach to art and the world around them.
Art lessons are closely connected to the PYP and are written with adherence to the Victorian Curriculum Standards. Students will sometimes align and extend learning from the classroom in art, or, participate in ‘stand-alone’ units that teach specific skills and conventions of art.

We have two beautiful art rooms which are well established and equipped for young artists with a large kiln, and plenty of work benches. It is important all students bring along their art smock at the beginning of the year to protect their clothes.

Throughout the term children’s art work will be displayed throughout the school, giving them the opportunity to be proud of their achievements and discuss what they are doing in art.

We look forward to celebrating the success and joy that is children’s art.

Physical Education

We have a purpose in everything we do, whilst our teachers facilitate student-centred lessons where we have a focus on supporting our students to learn and develop the skills that will prepare them for the 21st century.

All students participate in fifty minute sessions of that are facilitated by our outstanding P.E. team at Mount View Primary School. The Physical Education teams number one focus is for the students to develop a love for movement so they gain the confidence, knowledge, competence and behaviours to move for the rest of their lives. We cater for all needs, differentiate our lessons and challenge the students to progress in their education. The program allows students to grow across the physical, social, emotional and cognitive domains. We also have transdisciplinary focus where we integrate other learning areas into P.E. An example is where the students build structures out of recycled materials with an engineering connection whilst focusing on the fundamental movement skill of overarm throw to knock down their targets. With a focus fundamental movement skills and game sense our lessons are fun!


Year Three to Six have a sport lesson each week in the timetable. On top of this Year Five and six take part in inter-school sport.

  • Australian Rules Football
  • A.F.L. 9s
  • Cross Country
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Bootball
  • Bowls
  • Continuous Strike (current ICC piloted game)
  • Cricket Blast
  • Cross Country
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Handball
  • Hockey 7s
  • Netball
  • Rounders
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Team Vic trials
  • Tee Ball
  • Tennis
  • Tennis Hot Shots
  • Track and Field (Athletics)
  • Volleyball

Curriculum Connections

Mount View Primary School students also experience physical education curriculum connections with outdoor education and Swimming and Water Safety where each child works towards their Victorian Water Safety Certificate.

Sensory Motor Program

Students from Foundation to year two receive fifty minutes a week in our Sensory Motor Program. The foundation of growth, development, and learning in a child starts with sensory and motor interaction with the world. The program plays a significant role in improving motor skills, sensory detection and supports behavioural development. The sensory motor program at Mount View Primary School is the foundation for growth and supports Physical Education and all other learning areas in the school.

Swimming Program

Mount View offers a swimming program for all students from Prep to Year 6 as required by the Victorian Curriculum. Students are provided with the oopportunity to further develop their fundamental movement skills and movement sequences using different body parts in response to stimuli in an aquatic setting.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Mount View Primary School is vibrant and energetic. Students take part in a 50 minute session each week with one of two specialist Performing Arts teachers in our Performing Arts Centre. The Centre is fully resourced with musical instruments, drama costumes, drama sets and technology. Students engage in activities involving dance, drama and music which encourages and nurtures their confidence and self-esteem.

Each year the Yr 5 students undertake a major production where students have the opportunity to be involved in backstage, lighting and sound production as well as be part of the on-stage cast.
Mount View Primary School has many extra-curricular activities available in the Arts. Students can take part in our Junior choir, the Senior choir, the ‘Big Band’, the Stage band, the Rock band, Junior dance club and Senior dance club.

There is also a strong instrumental music program at Mount View with a well-resourced instrumental music room and dedicated and committed teachers that support their students at the many performance opportunities available to them throughout the year.

 Year 5 Production – 2019

“Everyone has dreams. While some dream of being the star of the basketball team or science decathlon, others hope to be the lead in the school musical. What happens when someone wants to do more than one thing? In Disney’s High School Musical Jr, a group of teenagers struggle to discover their true identities while building relationships, exploring new interests, and dealing with others’ expectations of them.”  (p.12, Student script, High School Musical Jr.)

The excitement is building in the Performing Arts department as rehearsals for our 2019 production of Disney’s High School Musical Jr start to take shape. Our Year 5 students will be performing this show stopper at the Cato Theatre, Wesley College, Glen Waverley on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th September. Save the date! Ticket bookings will open in a few short weeks!

Languages Program


Students at Mount View Primary school are offered a program of Mandarin learning one session each week from Prep to Year 6. In order to meet different students’ needs, we are also running an extension program for students with Chinese backgrounds from Years 3 to 6. We are one of only few primary schools in Victoria to offer this program. In addition, the lunchtime Chinese club is held every Monday in the language classrooms. Students can participate in Chinese cultural activities, such as playing Chinese chess, reading Chinese story books and so on.

Being an IB PYP school, cultural awareness and an appreciation of different cultures is an important component of our language program. In learning and exploring Mandarin, students will develop key communication skills and greater cultural knowledge. Our teaching also focuses on more enjoyable ways of learning such as incorporating ICT in our teaching and encouraging students to engage in a wide range of activities such as dancing, singing Chinese songs, participating in role plays and festival celebrations.