Our Online Canteen is a lunch ordering option which compliments the traditional paper bag ordering system. In order to take advantage of online ordering parents need to simply register and sign up at the website www.ouronlinecanteen.com.au, add your child’s name and then add credit. In five minutes you will be ready to go.

All orders should be made online by 9:00 am and the order will be placed with the Mount View PS Canteen.

Lunch will be prepared and available for your child by lunch time. Parents are able to place these orders well in advance in order to avoid the morning hassle. The website is easy to navigate and there are no hidden costs to parents. Please note that the Mount View PS Canteen menu is already on the Our Online Canteen website under the name Mount View PS. If you have any concerns with the process please contact the Helpline on 1300 116 637 or contact the company on info@ouronlinecanteen.com.au.

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