Discipline and Welfare

1. General:

Mount View's Student Discipline Policy aims to create an environment of mutual respect in which all students can grow and learn, feeling they are safe and valued at all times.

2. Outcomes:

2.1 Students will feel safe, personally valued and learn to their potential and will recognise environments built on these values.

2.2 Students, parents and staff will have a uniform understanding of the school rules and the consequences of compliance and non-compliance with these rules.

2.3 Staff will teach the Student Code of Conduct and the school rules and acknowledge pro-social behaviour and correct anti-social behaviour.

3. Implementation:

3.1 This policy benefits students and everyone in the school and wider community. The staff has a responsibility to model positive human relationships, to encourage and acknowledge responsible behaviour, thus helping students to accept the consequences of their own actions through the application of consistent and reasonable sanctions.

3.2 The Principal/Assistant Principal will induct new staff into this policy and brief staff annually, introduce students to the Student Code of Conduct, discuss with teachers their individual Classroom Management Plan and make available to parents the Parents' Handbook.

The Principal will ensure that procedures relating to the Student Code of Conduct are followed, as set out in the Schools of the Future Reference Guide section 4.7 and will report to School Council.

All teachers will conduct a program at the start of each year to induct students into this policy; prepare a classroom management plan, affirm positive behaviour, apply appropriate sanctions and keep notes on behaviour when sanctions are applied.

Students will discuss the implications of the Student Code of Conduct in their own classroom context.

Parents will be asked to read and discuss the Student Code of Conduct with their children.

3.3 The key processes are:
- 253A Student Discipline Induction
- 253B Student Discipline Action

3.4 The following supplementary documentation provides key reference points:
- School Charter - Codes of Practice
- Mount View Primary School Student Code of Conduct and Student Discipline Policy
- Schools of the Future Reference Guide

3.5 Teacher resources are located in the teacher reference area of the library.

3.6 The Assistant Principal will involve support services where appropriate (e.g. educational psychologist, social worker, school nurse, speech pathologist) and will provide opportunities for staff to access professional development in the area of student discipline.

3.7 The Assistant Principal will survey parents, staff and students annually to monitor the intended outcomes of this policy and will also monitor and act on relevant data (detention records, behavioural reports).

4. Review:

The Student Discipline policy will be reviewed at least annually by School Council to ensure it is providing the desired outcomes. The School Council will receive timely reports from the Principal and Assistant Principal.