Special learning needs

A range of innovative special programs helps each child succeed.

Disability and Impairment (D & I) Funded Students

The Department of Education and Training may provide additional funding to support students. Students must meet strict eligibility criteria to access the funding. Funds are paid to the school and arrangements are made to provide additional support to these students. In many cases, the funding is used to provide integration teacher aides.

Mount View Primary School has a long and successful history of support for students with disabilities. These students are fully integrated into the school, provided with Individual Learning Plans where appropriate, and given every assistance to access the full range of learning activities.

Please contact Alison Rees (Acting Principal) on 9560 0471.

Further information about the statewide program can obtained from http://www.sofweb.vic.edu.au/wellbeing/disabil/index.htm

Reading Recovery Program

Even though the Early Years teachers are committed to the growth and development of literacy skills, we often find that some children at the conclusion of the first year of school require some intensive assistance in the area of literacy.

Mount View provides these students with a specialised program that provides children with a daily thirty minute program where the Reading Recovery teacher assists these children to accelerate their learning during the second year at school. The Reading Recovery teacher works closely with all Year 1 teachers to ensure that all children work at their maximum ability levels in the area of literacy.

Individual Learning Improvement Plans

Individual Learning Improvement Plans help to develop a partnership among parents, students and teachers. They focus on improving student learning for those students who need additional assistance or extension in any curriculum area.

Mount View Individual Learning Improvement Plans include:

* individual learning goals
* list of classroom activities
* suggested home activities
* a review date

Parents will be advised early in a school year if an Individual Learning Plan is recommended and will meet with teachers to discuss the Plan and how they can assist.