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Welcome to the Health Centre. Our names are Carol Pickford and Alison Tong. Students call us by our first names. We are the school nurses working in the Health Centre at Mount View Primary School. Our hours are 10:15 - 3:15 Monday to Friday.

The role of the Health Centre is to provide first aid and support to the students at Mount View Primary School and we aim to give your child the best possible care.


In order to do this we would appreciate your help by providing us with up to date information of the health care needs of your child.

All medical information is strictly confidential.

Medical Forms

Please download  these forms and complete, then return to school .

Student Medical forms

Front Cover

Cover Letter

Parent Information

Health Management Plan

Medical Information


Asthma Management Plan

Asthma Management Information

Asthma Care Plan

Medication Authorisation


Allergy Action Plan

Allergy Action Plan

Action Plan for Allergic Reactions

Action Plan for Anaphylaxis