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Classroom Helpers Program

Mount View is committed to developing an excellent classroom literacy program with the assistance of parent helpers and aides. This course is designed to help parents assist the classroom teacher during the Early Years reading and writing sessions.

Classroom Helpers is a component of the Early Years Program and parents will participate in five interactive sessions to enable helpers to engage meaningfully in classroom activities. The course will assist participants in acquiring an increased understanding of the development of literacy skills and demonstrate various learning situations so that they can act as role models for students in classrooms.

They will be trained to support small groups of children to work at the learning centre activities. Classroom Helpers offers an opportunity for parents and aides to share in the educational development of students with the support and direction of the teachers.

The efforts of classroom helpers are a highly valued resource for students as opportunities for learning are nurtured by the participation of an understanding adult.

Developing Literacy Partnerships

Each year Mount View offers parents of children in the Early Years of Schooling a program that is designed to assist them to better understand the literacy learning process. The program helps parents to develop skills to work with their children in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, listening and speaking.

Four two-hourly sessions are organised by selected Early Years staff to provide an insight into the learning process and methods needed to assist children to develop literacy skills. This comprehensive literacy program takes place one night a week over four weeks at the beginning of the school year.

* Session one introduces the overview to our Early Years Program and explores how children learn.
* Session two gives an understanding and development of listening and speaking skills.
* Session three highlights the understanding and development of reading.
* Session four deals with the writing aspect and how children learn to spell.

Many parents have found this program of value as most parents are willing to assist their child's learning but many have a limited understanding on how to provide this help. This program helps parents to develop confidence in participating in their child's further education. "The home provides both the beginning and foundation for learning."