Lunch Orders

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Please check the newsletter each fortnight for any specials, meal deals and new items available.

Term 3 Canteen Menu 2017


Write child's name, room number, teacher's name and order on the lower half of a clean paper bag of adequate size. Lunch orders are placed in the classroom tub each morning and delivered to the canteen by the students.


You can now order your child's lunch order online!
Head to:

Sign up, add your child and add credit to your account.

To place an order:
1. Select your child
2. Select order date (you can pre order)
3. Add meal items to your order
4. Confirm your order

You will be sent a confirmation email with your order details.

What happens if my child comes to school without lunch?
If a child comes to school without lunch, parents will be contacted. If unable to be contacted, the canteen will provide a sandwich and a white envelope showing the amount owing,  will be sent home with your child. The amount owing will be recorded at the canteen. When this applies, please forward the money owing in the envelope to the canteen.

Does your child have dietry requirements?

Please feel free to come and see our canteen manager Carol any day from 9 till 2 if you have any questions or dietary concerns regarding your child.

Health message - Parents are advised to monitor the amount of sugary, salty and fatty food their children consume.

Things to note:

- used bags are unacceptable for health reasons

- please print clearly.

-  the bag must be of a size large enough to contain the lunch ordered. A 10c charge will be made if a bag is not large enough or not supplied with order.

- please enclose correct money

- dont forget to add 20c for sauces

- vouchers will be given for frozen items, soup and noodles to be redemed at lunch time

- vegetarian options are noted on the menu with (V)