Home Learning

About this page

Home Learning at Mount View Primary School describes what has traditionally been referred to as Homework and forms an integral part of the home – school partnership.

Home Learning is a valuable element of the learning process contributing to consolidation and revision of knowledge, skills and behaviours.

The development of study habits, project and time management and research skills are also fundamental aspects of Home Learning.

Parents and students may wish to undertake additional Home Learning which is outside the role of the school.

Below are some useful pages and documents to assist you with home learning:

For all year levels

* Real Life Literacy Partnerships

Prep- Year 2

* Maths Games
* How to help your child with writing skills
* How to help your child with speaking and listening
* How to help your child with numeracy
* How to help your child with writing
* Reading Discussion Questions

Year 3-6

* How to help your child with reading (Years 3 - 6)
* How to help your child with writing (Years 3 - 6)
* How to help your child with speaking and listening (Years 3 - 6)
* How to help your child with numeracy
* Maths Games

Additional Home Learning

The following are educational book suggestions if you are considering extra home learning activities for your children. There is a wealth of resources available. Many are available at local book stores such as Dymocks, and for a full range it is worth visiting Link Educational Supplies at 341 Waverley Rd, Mount Waverley
(Phone 9807 5422). You can find Link’s very comprehensive catalogue at www.linkeducational.com.au.

Ideally, you and your child would select the books together. You may need to select a book that is below or above your child’s year level, depending on your child’s needs. Books that cover specific areas in which your child might need practice may be more beneficial than those which are more general in nature. Your child’s class teacher will be able to provide input if required. When deciding between different series of books, your child should be able to give you an idea of what most appeals to him/her in terms of layout and presentation.

When you are considering extra academic practice for your child/children, please remember the great benefits of a broad range of other activities that do not require long periods doing sedentary and solitary book work. Some other very valuable activities include:

* Physical activity, whether individual or as part of a team
* Socialising with other children
* Reading to and with your child
* Family time spent doing activities together
* Artistic, musical and creative activities

Easily available sets of books covering many topics

Excel has a huge range of books for all levels, from kinder to secondary school.

The Basic Skills series, has a large range of books, covering all year levels and subject areas.

Other books that may be of use.

The Internet is also a rich resource for Home Learning opportunities.