Assessment and reporting

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A variety of assessment practices are used throughout the year to determine student progress.

On entry to school the  children are involved in the Prep Entry Assessment along with parent consultations. This is to determine the skills that children bring with them when they commence their school life.

There is a regular schedule of testing and assessment. Achievement data is recorded by class teachers throughout all levels of the school. Student portfolios form a major component of the home-school communication system. These are sent home regularly and contain samples of assessed work that address specific learning outcomes. Student self-assessment also forms part of tracking system of each child's learning. Students are taught to use assessment criteria to judge the quality of their work and recognise their progress.

Written reports with assessments are sent home in June and December. A chart showing the range of assessments at each reporting time will accompany the documents so that parents can judge the achievements of their child compared to all other students in the year level.

Parent - teacher consultations are held at the beginning of the school year and again mid-year and parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time they may have a concern. Students are encouraged to be involved in these consultations between staff and parents.