The State Government of Victoria tests each student in Years 3 and 5 every year. The results are provided to each school and each child's parents. Each school is able to compare the overall achievements of its students with the results for the state and for a group of schools with comparable social characteristics or 'like schools'. Mount View Primary School is grouped with approximately 25 'like schools', which are typically high achieving in these tests of literacy and numeracy.

Mount View Primary School students achieve in the top 10% of the state in literacy and numeracy. and compare very favourably with students in schools of similar social characteristics. The advantage over state means typically translates to more than one year of learning.

University of New South Wales Competitions

Every year students in Years 3 - 6 from Mount View Primary School also have the opportunity to participate in the University of New South Wales competitions in Mathematics, English, Writing, Spelling, Science and Computer Studies.

More than half the students who sit the competitions consistently achieve outstanding results in each competition. In recent years Mount View Primary School students received:

* The medal award (highest mark in the year level in the state)
* High Distinctions (top 1% of the state)
* Distinctions (top 10 % of the state)
* Credits (top 30% of the state)